foreign envoys to visit jammu and kashmir this week

also studying me on versus one that are not a group of foreign on voice is tattoo with search Jammu and Kashmir in India to feel pain thatstamil foreign ambassador happened requesting to visit

Jammu and Kashmir after a group of members of the European Union Parliament or any 30 into the earth was the standard on why is the exact date of to visit not known for the details are awaited apart from the member of the your feeling about the meeting on a trip a group of 60 non voice during the US ambassador

also with Jammu and Kashmir drawing of the water on the earth is our principal to provide correspondent Sidhant Sibal as we are waiting for the details on which country you will actually be a part of that delegation and the exact date

but tell us more about what will be the weather so far in terms of the agenda this is the second batch of on voice India will be taking to the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir we know the first group was taken in January were talking about when they will be going there will be going in around which of this week and you also know that is on voice

 I just not from European Union per their also from Gulf countries and Latin American countries and a to visit comes a time when the Indian External Affairs Minister Jai Shankar will be embarking on import Wizard to Vastu which of course is the centre of European Union

we know that we are we saw last few weeks ago that there was a resolution that was brought in the parliament of European Union CA and Jammu and Kashmir also so that they are there postpone the voting on the resolution in after the visit by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be going to process on 13th of marchantia having many MB is there who have been talking about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir the first visit of the following won on voice was by large

welcome by global captains inside the state department American on why was presented the first batch said it's an important step but weighs concerns over detention of the political leadership there and also on the Internet restriction Vinod send them in government has discovered internet partly their and there be more attempts like that

but by large this is meant by New Delhi to classify the Global sentiments Global anti-india sentiment and bye last usually has a certain way what is way also and best Tekken visit will only helped

India to gain more confidence in global capital such as Brussels and Washington when comes to its decision last August on the occasion of the special status for the state of Jammu and Kashmir

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