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How I Make Money Working From Home As An Affiliate

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Hello, As you may already know, there is a fortune to be made on the internet with Affiliate Sales. An affiliate is somebody who sells or promotes somebody else's product in return for a commission payment.

                                                       how to start affiliate marketing

Now this can be quite a lucrative business to be involved in. The secret, is finding the right product to promote or the right company to refer customers to!

One of the biggest Affiliate sites on the internet is Amazon. Millions of people have websites advertising Amazon's products. When people click on these ads, and proceed to make a purchase. The referrer recieves a commission payment.

The are internet guru's out there, who make millions of pounds every year selling items that they don't own, or referring visitors (traffic) to a website that isn't theirs.
amazon affiliate
In my years as an affiliate salesman, i too have made money, but not to the extent that i could retire. Afterall, i am only 36, so i would need quite a tidy sum. I was involved with Amazon, Commission Junction and Clickbank.

My ambition was to hit the jackpot and buy myself a yacht, but i couldn't even afford to leave my job and do it full time. That early retirement was so far away.

Then i happened across a remarkable company, that would pay you $2 for every person that you could get to visit a professionally designed website that they give to you, and leave their name and email address. 

After a while, they will start paying you $5 for every person that leaves their details. How great is that, and how easy would it be to make money, and lots of it.

I started to think to myself, how could i get people to the site to leave their details?

The list i came up with was endless.

Firstly, i would tell all of my friends who are members of my business club. By the way, over 75 for visitors to your website. Traffic = money in this game.

Free article and directory submitters are a good idea to get more visitors.

Search Engine Optimization: By using seo methods on your website, you can get to rank on the first pages of the search engines. This will generate thousands more hits to your website, which will in return, generate a substantial income.

Joining internet forums is another way to get the message out, that your new site could earn them some serious money.

I haven't even mentioned my subscriber lists from all of my other websites, safelists, adblast, telling your friends, printing flyers or business cards etc, etc.

As you can see, getting paid just to get people to leave their name and email address's on your website is easy. Infact a twelve year old could do it.

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This is the most Incredible Affiliate Program on the market today and best of all it is free to join. My advice to anybody who reads this article, wo is looking for a way of earning more money, would be join this site immediately and make your  like i did!

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